Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the official website for Sharon Smith Design and Metals Arts.

I’ve now changed the name of my studio from Sharon Smith Metals to Sharon Smith Design and Metal Arts. This is reflective of my new direction and focus on various types of design — web, graphic, product — along with my continued studio work in metals.

Sharon Smith Metals Arts has been around since roughly 2004, a few years after I started my education as a metalsmith. While working on my first metalsmithing degree, I also studied graphic design and played around with web design. In the past year, I’ve found myself coming back to the graphic design and web design and development. There’s been some amazing – to me, at least – developments in web design since I last did anything with it. You can do everything with CSS, JavaScript, etc. that I tried to do with straight HTML before. It’s exciting! As a result, about a year ago, I signed up as part of the Code Oregon Project, a partnership between Worksource Oregon and Portland-based online computer training school Treehouse to update my web design skills. So far, I’ve completed the Web Design and basic WordPress tracks and am currently in the Front-End Web Development track learning JavaScript. To the great surprise of many of my artist friends, I love it.

Wearable tech has come a long way, too, but the designs still leave something to be desired. As someone with a background designing & fabricating my own jewelry, there’s a lot I can contribute to this growing field. First project– designing some new bracelets for my own FitBit that are as beautiful as my other jewelry.