Playing with Logos, Pt. 1


So, I’ve been playing around with my logo/maker’s mark. I’ve never been entirely happy with the original. I knocked it out  when I hadn’t used Illustrator in a while & was pretty rusty and was in immediate need of something to put on a business card for my jewelry/metalsmithing business. It fit the general idea I had – a flaming hammer with a stylized letter S for the handle- but didn’t hold together well enough to be readily identifiable as such. (I had any number of friends who thought it looked like a either a flaming cigar or a flaming turd, depending on which way their imaginations went.)  No wonder I never got around to actually making the stamp for my jewelry. 😀

So, since I’m redesigning the whole site here, I figured I should show off my much-improved & updated Illustrator skills and make it look like it was supposed to in the first place. Still needs a bit of cleanup work but quite the improvement, eh? Or, at the very least, it actually looks like a hammer.


The New Mark

old Mark

My original mark

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