Playing with Logos, Pt 2


I am continuing my logo-playing binge by finishing the logos for Conspiracy Dice, the game I’m developing from my MFA piece of the same name.  There’s two, a small, simple one and the larger “full” logo. The concept for the full logo is the dial of a safe, with the idea that knowledge regarding conspiracies are typically kept locked away in secret government vaults (and yet, despite the highly sophisticated security systems involved in keeping these plans secret, they somehow end up on early-geocities style websites designed in HTML 2. It’s a puzzle.) You can find out more about the game at

Edit: After some constructive crit, I altered the the full logo to make the color band around the letters thinner. It does look better.

So here’s the simple logo. It’s essentially the center part of the full logo:


Simple Conspiracy Dice Logo


Here’s a not-at-all-cleaned-up look at the revised full logo:




And here’s the previous version of the full logo, with the wide color band:

Full Conspiracy Dice Logo

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