Two Finished Logos


So, I have been playing with some logos. Also Legos, but that’s a different story. There’s actually three logos here, but 2 of them are variations of the same logo.

I have this tendency to keep tweaking things if I’m not entirely happy with them yet. And I haven’t been entirely happy with both the color version of my own maker’s mark/logo or the Conspiracy Dice logo. The maker’s mark flames were way too orange for me and the Conspiracy Dice logo was just way too overly complicated– and still didn’t look the way I’d wanted it to. When it comes to logos, I always believe that simplicity is generally the best way to go.

Left – OK, this is the for-really-realz last version of my color maker’s mark. Well, unless I make the flame totally shades of red. Mostly, I changed the gradient so it’s a *lot* less orange. I have in irrational dislike of the color orange. Traumatic event with a traffic construction sign in my childhood that I’ve repressed? Too much time sitting behind orange tree removal trucks whilst heading to work? Those giant orange bags I had to wear delivering newspapers as a kid? Who knows.

Center and Right- And I got a *much* better Idea for the Conspiracy Dice logo. This one’s designed to look like a rubber stamp, much like “Top Secret” or “Eyes Only” would be stamped across a folder. Playing into all that conspiracy theory secrecy, ya’ know.  I’ve got a whole package design to go along with this mapped out in my head now, which has something to do with the logo on the right having a paper background.

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