My Many Remarkably Eclectic Skills

I am, by nature, an extremely curious person. I’m also fairly intelligent. Plus, I like to work with my hands as much as I like to play with my brain. This has led me to learning how to do all kinds of things — a lot of which haven’t been marketable for roughly 100 years — along with a number of more high tech skills. I will continue to learn more of both. Why not? It’s fun! I’d probably still be in college if it were in any way a reasonable thing to do. Alas, at some point we all must start paying off our student loans instead of adding to them.

I’ve broken this list down into categories to make them easier to browse through. I’ve also put my Web Design and Web Development- related skills first, as those are the most relevant to the majority of jobs I’ve been applying for lately. My metalsmithing skills follow, with my other art and media skills after that.

Computer, Web, and Graphic Design Skills


  • Website Design and Development
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UX/UI
    • WordPress, Managed Content
  • Works equally well with both PC and Mac

 Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Pre-Press


  • Database Design and Management
    • Filemaker Pro
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Photography
    • Digital SLR, Film 35mm, Slides, including lighting small 3D objects


Art, Craft, and Multimedia Skills

Metalsmithing, Jewelry

  • Basic Fabrication
    • Precious, Non-Ferrous, Pewter, some Ferrous
    • Includes sawing, filing, sanding, polishing, soldering,
    • Fusing fine silver and gold, some welding (arc, tig)
  • Casting
    • Centrifugal Casting Arm, vacuum casting,
    • Gravity pour with both jewelry-scale and larger foundry casting
  • Mold-Making
    • Vulcanized rubber- hot and room-temperature, amalgam, plaster, silicone,
  • Model-Making
    • Wax carving & finishing with both fine detail jewelry pieces and larger sculptural pieces
    • Plasticine, clay, found objects
  • Stone Setting
    • Cabachon and faceted stones, including colored faceted stones
    • Bezel, tube, prong, and flush/gypsy settings
    • Unusual settings for oddly-shaped stones and alternative materials
  • Chasing & Repoussé
    • Including making, tempering, and polishing of tools
  • Construction of Hollow Forms
    • Raising vessels and forms from flat sheet
    • Compression, anticlastic, synclastic raising, lap joint, die-forming
    • Includes use of a wide variety of raising stakes and hammers
    • Primarily silver, copper, brass, bronze, and pewter
  • Fabricating complex mechanisms
    • Hinges, latches, clasps
  • Chainmaking
    • Fused loop-in-loop chains, chain mail, Byzantine, spiral, etc.
  • Jewelry Design
    • My own designs– Production multiples, series, one-of-a-kind and statement pieces
    • Custom work for clients–
      • Specializing in working within client’s budget
      • Mourning Jewelry
  • Computer-Driven Engraving Machines

Other Media

  •  Textiles
    • Product design and production, garment design and production
    • Following, drafting, and sizing patterns
    • Operation of industrial sewing machines, box stichers, and serger
    • Dying, weaving on a variety of looms, including floor loom
  • Leatherwork
    • Product Design and Production,
    • Garment Design and Production
    • Dying and Finishing
    • Carving, Tooling, and Decorative Stamping
  • Woodworking
    • Carving- hand tools, power tools
    • Staining, painting, sanding, finishing
    • Basic powertools (drill, jig saw, circular saw, etc.)
    • Band saw, table saw, drill press, planer, jointer, miter saw, router
  • Painting
    • Gouache, watercolors, oils, acrylics, illumination on vellum
  • Printmaking
    • Stone lithography, photo-lithography
    • Relief
    • Seriograph/silkscreen
  • Drawing
  • Calligraphy/Hand Lettering
    • Fountain pen and dip pen
  • Bookbinding
    • Leather bindings
    • hand-sewn multi-signature book blocks including the use of a sewing frame
    • End ribbons
  • Gold Leaf
    • On a variety of surfaces including metal, leather, vellum, paper