Bridges Design Challenge, Pt. 1

  Back in April or May, the lovely & talented CMAG president, Leslie Z issued a design challenge to the guild members– make a metals piece based on the theme of “bridges”.  We’re in Portland. There’s a lot of bridges here. Being me, I didn’t just come up with one idea.  I came up with

Two Finished Logos

  So, I have been playing with some logos. Also Legos, but that’s a different story. There’s actually three logos here, but 2 of them are variations of the same logo. I have this tendency to keep tweaking things if I’m not entirely happy with them yet. And I haven’t been entirely happy with both

Crazy Metalsmith Plays With Electricity!

And manages to *not* blow anything up! Take that, Crazy Harry!* I recently got the chance to play with an Arduino kit. The workshop, Making Things Smart taught by Robert Gallup was at the Devsigner Conference here in Portland. Local start up Metal Toad (aka the most awesome name in start ups- I want to work with them

Playing with Logos, Pt 2

  I am continuing my logo-playing binge by finishing the logos for Conspiracy Dice, the game I’m developing from my MFA piece of the same name.  There’s two, a small, simple one and the larger “full” logo. The concept for the full logo is the dial of a safe, with the idea that knowledge regarding

Playing with Logos, Pt. 1

  So, I’ve been playing around with my logo/maker’s mark. I’ve never been entirely happy with the original. I knocked it out  when I hadn’t used Illustrator in a while & was pretty rusty and was in immediate need of something to put on a business card for my jewelry/metalsmithing business. It fit the general

Upcoming Presentation!

I will be giving a presentation at the Portland Creative Metal Arts Guild April Meeting on Surface Treatments for Metals. Here’s the blurb: Tired of your metal just lying there flat? Want to jazz it up a bit? Sharon demonstrates a variety of ways to create texture, surface embellishments, and color using hammers, chasing tools,