Telling Tales– Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the past. Mythology, history, family stories & personal experiences all serve as a rich source of inspiration to me. Recently, family stories & personal experiences have especially gained prominence in my work. I have been examining the nature of major life experiences and how they are dealt with in life by those who’ve lived through them.

I am further intrigued by the idea of the sacred object, particularly reliquaries. Medieval craftsmen created intricate & elaborate cases to house grisly relics of Saints– shards of bone, personal effects, even limbs & mummified heads. Often, the events of life are equally horrifying but not as visible. I seek to create objects that show the importance of those events to the person.

I find that jewelry provides the perfect means of expression for these objects. The intimacy of a necklace mirrors the emotional intimacy of the subject matter. Metal is an especially appropriate medium for this type of work- it gives the object a preciousness in materials to match its emotional significance.