Website Design Portfolio


Here’s some of the websites I’ve worked on, past and present. I favor clean, readable designs in my web design work (and in my graphic design work in general). I believe in making sites as functional as they are beautiful. I am also a firm believer in responsive web design, although I tend to work through it in reverse.

My Philosophy on Web Design

Or, Why I Love UX– Some thoughts on how I approach my design work.

A WordPress site. Intended as a recruiting tool and informational hub for members of the Creative Arts Metals Guild here in Portland, OR. The initial design of the site was not mine but I’ve expanded and changed some of it to make it more user-friendly and provide new content.

A WordPress site. Designed as a marketing tool for a game currently in the playtesting stage. I’m responsible for everything on the site, from design to content to the actual game itself. It was originally one of my MFA projects that I’m now turning into a marketable game because so many people enjoyed playing with it at my MFA show.

School of Graduate Studies and Research, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2004

An older design, but one I’m quite proud of as I built it from the ground up in HTML (version 3, if I remember correctly). It was quite the learning experience, given that my prior web design experience at that point consisted of “Does not faint at sight of code” and some accidental tech work at the social services agency I worked at prior to my return to school. Plus, I was a work study/graduate assistant. I probably shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near this site. Design-wise, I created the look of the site specifically to coordinate with our printed marketing materials to give the entire department a consistent marketing identity. Sadly, this site is no longer active so the link is to some screencap images of the site.