Current Web Projects


These are my current web design projects. I favor clean, readable designs in my web design work (and in my graphic design work in general). I believe in making sites as functional as they are beautiful. I also am a firm believer in responsive web design, although I tend to work through it in reverse. That is to say, I start off with the full site and then scale it down for tablets and smart phones rather than starting with the mobile design first. It’s one of the reasons I like working with WordPress so much — it makes responsive design much easier, so long as you choose a responsive theme in the first place. You can read more about my philosophy on web design– and why I love UX design in particular.

A WordPress site and the site you are currently looking at. Initially designed as a blog and online portfolio, primarily for my metalwork initially but it has now grown to be a showcase for my design work and other creative projects as well as my metalwork.. I’m responsible for the design, content, and all of the artwork shown on the site.


CMAG screencap-Meet the Artists2015

CMAG Web Site

A WordPress site. Intended as a recruiting tool and informational hub for members of the Creative Arts Metals Guild here in Portland, OR.






Conspiracy Dice

Conspiracy Dice Home Page

A WordPress site. Designed as a marketing tool for a game currently in the playtesting stage. I’m responsible for everything on the site, from design to content to the actual game itself. It was originally one of my MFA projects that I’m now turning into a marketable game because so many people enjoyed playing with it at my MFA show.





In addition to my current projects, I have a gallery for an older design, for the Office of Graduate Studies at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. While the look is a bit dated and there are certainly changes I’d make if redoing the site now,  I’m still quite proud of it because I taught myself HTML while I built it from the ground up in HTML (version 3, if I remember correctly).



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